The Calcutta Club USA is a unique meeting place of creative, friendly and sociable individuals passionate in their love of Kolkata and all the nostalgic attachments of the city. It is an exclusive membership only organization, where patrons are invited to join by existing club members and expected to promote the common interests and vibrant traditions of the club. We are not associated with Calcutta Club Ltd of Kolkata.


Promotion of heritage and nostalgic culture, performing arts, literature, food and lifestyle are some of the key interests of our club. Towards this goal, the club designs novel activities that can have significant impact on communities at large, and executes vision of ambitious goals to fruition through the combined efforts of its creative and talented members.


The Calcutta Club generally meets on a monthly basis at its regular home in a golf club in Acton, MA.

The club is apolitical, religion-agnostic and non-aligned with any particular sect’s beliefs or credo. The club members represent quintessential Calcuttans and welcome diversity of individual backgrounds, culture and views. Respect and camaraderie are the cornerstone values of each club member.