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Authors Direct is a unique platform within the Calcutta Club book fair (Sanskriti), underscoring our commitment to promote emerging authors and to bring new works of literature closer to the readership community. The concept, initially launched during the Calcutta Club debut 2015 book fair in Acton was immensely popular and helped more than 50 global writers effectively market their penned creations.

In short, the Authors Direct (AD) program is as follows:

1. Interested authors or publishing houses from around the world can display/sell their book(s) at the Sanskriti (book fair) event.

2. Books can be sold in person or mailed to Calcutta Club USA (CCUSA). Only published books (hardcover/paperback) are eligible.

3. All books are displayed in shared AD tables at the fair, where multiple AD publications are placed on the same table and manned by CCUSA volunteers or members. If the author/representative is attending the fair, he/she can stand at the AD table to answer book related questions only and accept payments from customers, while being respectful of the other authors space. If the author/publisher cannot attend, the table volunteer can handle purchase transactions and attempt to answer questions based on available information. We encourage authors to send in an information sheet on the works which will be placed next to their books on the AD table and also reach out to patrons informing them of your books' availability at Sanskriti.

4. Unless otherwise agreed upon, a maximum of 3 copies of each book will be accepted for display on the AD table. If the author is attending in person, more copies can be brought as backup. Unsold copies will NOT be mailed back to the author.

5. The author can set the price of the book to any desired reasonable value. Transaction payments will be accepted in cash or through CCUSA's credit card facilities. All payments collected for AD transactions will be mailed to the authors within 30 days after the book fair event.

6. The cost of AD participation is $30 per title. So if an author has 2 books and wants to display both, the net payable fee is $60. For Sanskriti 2016, writers/publishers can register directly for Authors Direct at this link. Each Authors Direct registration also includes full access to Sanskriti for a single person, in case you are able to attend the event. Once you have registered online, please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to inform us of the book(s) you wish to ship to us for display and obtain the mailing address.

7. Complimentary Service for Indian Sub-Continent Resident Authors - To promote South Asian authors more actively, the AD registration fee is waived for all authors residing permanently in the following countries - India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. These authors may just mail us the books (max 3 copies per title). Any sale on these items will not be paid to the authors but used to defray the costs of acquiring and processing the books for the event. Please note that CCUSA retains the right to determine eligibility for the free AD offer.

8. Once you have registered for AD, you are welcome to make a single post on the Sanskriti Facebook event page outlining your works, stating that your books will be at the Authors Direct table of the Calcutta Club Book Fair.

For all questions on Authors Direct, please contact 508.740.7848 or write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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